Where has The USAA Gone.

Has anyone seen MY USAA. Been members for 60 years. Recruiter throughout 34 years service.

Has USAA gotten sooo big it hasn’t had time to read the purposes/aims/goals of the original USAA.
I am very sad USAA has Been following the rest of the commercial world to compete to be the BEST. USAA has always been the BEST for servicing military families; The reason it was formed (besides insurance for military when no one else would protect the family).
The staff REALLY try to give outstanding service, and most of the ‘representatives, do. It is just- the connection has been lost.

I’ve given this much thought and wonder if USAA hasn’t gotten caught in the cost of expansion/competition. I’ve notice the recruitment ads invite almost anyone who will join.
Has the plant/management become such a dragon, more and more fuel is necessary to keep going. My mother would have said: too big for its britches. In an attempt to remain on the top; to be the best in the US/World we have lost OUR banking, life blood service. USAA was unique. It served those who served. Somewhere that was lost in keeping our heads above water???
USAA is my/my family’s bank. I hope the powers to be?, it will reflect on what was unique about us and if at all possible stop being ‘like the competitions.
I suppose, like me, my USAA will just pass away. . So sorry. 😟
Pat Rosing
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37 year member here. USAA has gone the way of so many formerly prestigious companies/brand names that have traded quality and service for profits and egos, yet counts on its former reputation to keep it going. This is not unlike an American manufacturing company that outsourced its production to communist China, with the resulting product a far diferent one from the one you recall. In the past year USAA alone has "lost" $1,200 and erroneously canceled a credit card I had for decades, and on many occasions they've simply told me outright lies over things big and small. We transferred our home and car insurance to GEICO and essentially all our savings/checking to a local bank (such a pleasure to deal with!) or Ally Bank, which privides 16-17 times better interest rates than USAA.

Nana Pat,


I couldn't agree with you more.  Been a member for almost 40 years and I am astonished at the precipitous decline in USAA's customer service - which was once the core of its business model. 


Just got off the phone attempting to contact USAA Federal Savings Bank to ask a question that would take 30 seconds to answer;  USAA's helpful automated phone system informed me that I would have a THREE HOUR hold to speak to a rep.  USAA refuses to provide internal or direct phone numbers to relevant offices - it's telephone rep insisted to me that "we don't use phone extensions."  What nonsense.


Their brokerage service has been sold off and the mutual fund operation outsourced.  Yet even what remains (banking and insurance) is being driven into the ground.  I can no longer recommend USAA membership to anyone.  USAA is pursuing a "quantity over quality" business model that will likely result in it's demise (or buyout) if it isn't turned around.

Hello @kpj55 and I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. Also thank you for your 40 years of membership. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

OK "Sarah",


Here's further evidence of USAA's incompetence.  I just received a voicemail from someone identifying herself as "Leila from USAA" who states she is "calling on behalf of the CEO to discuss your banking issue."  She invites me to call her back at USAA's main number 1-800-531-8722 and then "enter Extension [removed sensitive data]" when prompted.


Guess what?  When I dial that extension, USAA's abomination of a telephone system informs that it's "having trouble locating that extension."  Of course, this is just two days after another USAA rep told me, when I asked for the extension number for a particular office, that "USAA doesn't use extensions."


How would you categorize this "customer service."

TY for these comments. It's really hard to lose a friend you thought you could trust. Recent actions by USAA are truly a slap in the face for "so called" members. I wish the very best to you and your family. 

Hello @pinetree, it's definitely hard to hear you lost trust in us. Please know your feedback is important to us, I'm providing your comments to the appropriate area so we may address your concerns. -Paula 

Hey Paula --It's about USAA"s lack of ETHICS ! It's that simple. Ehhics begins and ends at the top.

No thanks --Paula---


That does not address the fundamental problem, "Sarah."  The fundamental problem is not my specific banking issue - it is the black hole of incompetence and poor service that USAA has dug for itself.  Tell Mr. Peacock that the first rule when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.  Otherwise, there will be no USAA within a few years.

Nana Pat - We never want any member to feel like, especially our long term members. Is there anything specific that you experienced that we might address? Thanks, Jason