Going green isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are small ways that you can start helping the earth right now that are simple – yet truly make an impact on our environment


April 22 is Earth Day and what better way than to start helping the earth than on this day? Taking care of our environment is not only a responsibility, but also a privilege.What Are Some Ways to Help This Earth Day - USAA Community.jpg


Here are some effortless ways to get started helping the environment:


  1. Watch how much water you are using. What if you turned off the water each time you brushed your teeth? You are most likely wasting 200 gallons of water a day!
  2. Utilizing Online Documents instead of paper statements. By opting in to receive your documents online, you are saving hundreds of trees each year.
  3. Try to run all your errands on the same day. I know that sounds exhausting, but did you know if you stay off the road just two days per week you’ll reduce gas emissions by 1,590 pounds per year?
  4. Recycle. The go-to of helping our earth, this is taught from early on in life. By sorting your water bottles, glass bottles and soda bottles, this small chore will make a significant impact. This is also one that you can get the kids excited about helping with. Have kids help you sort the bins, or perhaps talk with your school to start a recycling drive. Each year we have one and the class who collects the most bottles and cans gets a special ice cream party.


What will you be doing this Earth Day to help? Share with us in the comments below.


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