USAA member and his daughter offer Hope in a singing duet video during these difficult times

USAA member Mat Shaw and his 15-year-old daughter Savannah have been sitting at their home in Utah like most of us due to the virus. Savannah belongs to their church choir and asked her dad to help her create a video to share with her friends on YouTube since their choir practices had been cancelled. Below is a link to their very moving video:

A local TV station in Utah found out about the video and did a story about them after the video had received almost four million hits on YouTube:

Then the national TV show "Good Morning American" also ran a story about the video:[removed sens...

Now, due to the overwhelming worldwide response to Mat and Savannah's singing talent and message of hope, they have created a YouTube site with more duets and also a Facebook page where they can communicate with all those interested in learning more about them:

I communicated with Mat, who was in the US Army, and he told me he was a long time USAA member.  So, I decided to share their story with our USAA family.  I think you will be moved as much as I was by their singing talent and wish to spread a message of hope to others in these difficult times. Mat says it best himself when he told an interviewer "the only thing more contagious than the virus is hope".








Thank you for sharing - it is a beautiful cover of the song! Hope you too are keeping your chin up and staying safe.