Texas Abortion Law

Like those before me, I am APPALLED with the decision to use our money to finance support for SB* in Texas. I trust that these emails will be forwarded to the approprate individuals - I need to undersand why USAA thought this was appropriate. I have been a customer since 1975, and have never made a single claim - so all my premiums have gone to others and to USAA as profit. I DO NOT want my money spent this way. I am a Catholic, retired Family Nurse Practitioner who worked for many years as a Labor and Delivery nurse as welll. I have seen this up close and personally, and I cannot put into words the horror this bill represents. I've never had an abortion, but I support the DECISION TO BE BETWEEN A WOMAN AND HER DOCTOR ONLY.

I hope the CEO will preovide a timely explanation for this serious lapse in judgment, and also be transparent about all political money being donated for ALL causes. Apparently, we cannot trust the company with our money.

I am currently exploring other options for insurance.

You have shamed yourself.


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I was totally shocked to see that USAA donated money to the Texas abortion law! I would like to know which board members approved that decision so I can VOTE THEM OUT!! We have friends and family who are also USAA members that have decided to look for another place to bank and/or get their insurance from. We have been with USAA since 1973, and do not want to change, but will if USAA doesn't come out with a statment condeming this action, and states they will no longer support the politicians who did this. I am so disappointed.

A. Elaine McIntosh

Looking at your list of donors, I see three healthcare providers on there as well as USAA.  Two insurance companies and one global pharmacy also thought it was a good idea to interfere with a woman's right to choose what was best for her and her unique situation.  I am beyond appalled by this.  I lived in Texas for five years and missed it terribly.  Until I started to pay attention to the political machinations in Texas.  Texas wants to be able to force women to give birth to children they may not want or be able to provide for, or who have genetic defects, or were concieved due to r@pe or incest; however, they are perfectly fine with killing living human beings because those people were convicted of a crime by a jury of their peers.  Far too many death row inmates are being exonerated because of The Innocence Project.  There are far too many witnesses that are coming forward to confess they perjured themselves because of police threats or harassment.  Yet Texas still stands by the death penalty.  There are thousands of unwanted children in the foster care system.  There are far too many "throw away kids" in the world today that are desparate for a home, a family and someone to love them unconditionally.  I don't understand how "every life counts" except those already living...

I have noticed that all those that support abortion are already alive. Who will speak for the unborn? Texas passed a good law and i hope many states will follow until RoeV Wade is history.

Yeah, supporting the killing of babies.  These people must be really proud of themselves.

Effective midnight tonight, for the first time in 44 years, I am no longer doing business with USAA. They are based in Texas and contribute money to Texas Republicans.

The new laws regarding abortion and voting rights make it impossible for us to do business with them.

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I was also shocked to hear USAA was one of the top donors to the sponsors of SB 8 in Texas. This is a fascist bill supporting a police state and interfering with medical care. If USAA feels they have extra money for these sponsors then they obviously do not need my money any longer and I too have started looking for places to transfer it to. USAA should make an apology and get out of politics and consider supporting Planned Parenthood if they truly think they believe in rights and healthcare for all.

I am embarassed that I trusted USAA with my money if this is how they choose to operate.

This is disgusting! I am appalled that USAA would be involved in something like this. Shame on you, USAA.
I’m so appalled! Who in their right mind at USAA thought that this was a good idea. I loved being a usaa customer but I don’t think I can justify staying.