Support for Women's Reproductive Health

USAA is located in Texas.


What help and assistance is USAA providing to its female employees for health insurance, travel costs, time off, etc. to obtain reproductive/abortion services outside of Texas.


Many large companies such as Yelp, Citigroup, Tesla, Amazon, Disney, etc. are providing this help.


I will not renew my home and auto insurance policies if USAA does not provide the above to its female employees. I still have this choice.

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I am still trying to understand this concern. We all make choices. We all have a right to life. Unfortunately, the unborn does not have a choice. If someone does not want a child, abstinence, birth control or adoption are choices. Should a company pay for the choices that someone chooses to make? I am not understanding why someone else should pay for another person's fun.


Any insight would be great.

Please keep us posted on this issue. The idea of providing abortion assistance to employees makes me cringe. If USAA does ultimately decide to provide financial assistance to employees for out of state abortions, I will quickly take my insurance and banking business elsewhere - to companies which value human life.