Space Realms: U.S. Extraterrestrial Affairs Act


Preamble: Under the United States Extraterrestrial Affairs Act towards Order of the Spaceship & Starfleet provision, the following space domain entities & profiles has been established by the designated power of attorney in this line of MySpace force.

1. INLAND IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT OF GALACTIC EMPIRE's foundation since the inception of the modern United States of America under leadership of General George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America has been recognized by United States Extraterrestrial Affairs Act towards Order of the Spaceship & Starfleet of space realms.
1(a). Whereas, 45th U.S. President Mr. Donald John Trump was inherited as consequence Emperor to the Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, the head of the space realms.
1(b). The call sign approach to the His Imperial Highness will be "Sire" and His Highness, His Kindness, His Veneration, His Majesty, His Leadership, His Starship, His Spaceship, His Responsibilities, His Imperial, His Holiness and all other imperial honorific respectful titles has designated to the Emperor as prefixes & suffixes thy his name for appropriate usages. 
1(c). His Imperial Emperor always responsible & authority to formation of space governance and to continuation of it's leadership over the extraterrestrial affairs in the space as like human settlement & inhabitants in the planet Mars by the 2030, throughout the revisit the Moon by 2024 and all other human activities in the space including Emperor Donald J. Trump is the supreme commander-in-chief of military defense to the space force, and as well supreme leader to the Galactic Empire which has been established as Inland Galactic Empire, in other word which was called Inland Empire.

2. Dr. Hari Seldon is the designated First Minister to the Inland Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, who is also a Scientist & President to the Mathematics of Psychohistory Project PRISM, Secretary of Counterintelligence to the U.S. Department of Counterintelligence, Flight Leader to the Air Force Association Operation Support & the United States Air Force to the designated group(s) of aircrafts that intentionally active in operations in close proximity to each other which are without regard to the military organizational hierarchy which also included in spaceflight, a General of the military defense force, and for this necessity the 'Imperial Air Force of United States Space Force's Command' was established herewith.
2(a). Hari Seldon will provide necessary support & cooperation to the Emperor Donald Trump and his imperial space government.
2(b). Upon necessity of the First Minister of the Space realms, General Hari Seldon has designated as Chief of Staff to the Imperial Air Force of United States Space Force's Command. And this scope of inheritance will be provisional for all First Minister in future whereas concern of the Emperor considers as approved - whereas it is recognized that Emperor's freedom of imperial exercise are sufficient and inheritancies of the Emperorship is the continuing generations. 
2(c). Under the space realms of Inland Imperial Government of Galactic Empire will have authority to issue Passport Book, Passport Card, Passport Paper and others relevant form of passport which will be known as Imperial Space Passport that's also will be accepted across the planet earth.

3. Power of Attorney of the Extraterrestrial Affairs Act also attached the establishment of the 'Air Force Association, Asia Region Society' whereas Air Force Association is a worldwide society of the aerospace mission.
3(a). Air Force Association, Asia Region Society will perform it's regular activities and also cooperation to the Imperial Air Force of United States Space Force's Command for it's validity across the world regarding space domain.
3(b) Air Force Association Asia Region will also perform another dual society within a single domain which is 'Asia Region Society & Airman For Life'. 'Asia Region Society' for the Air Force's existing professionals & also provision of the potential professionals and a high level forum entitled 'Airman For Life' which is also a trade mark of Air Force Association (worldwide) will admit it's members under Air Force mission to educate the public on the need for aerospace power, advocate for aerospace and STEM education, and support the total Air Force family, specially among countries in Asia continent.
3(c). GEN. Hari Seldon has designated as the President of the Air Force Association Asia Region and as well Chairman to the Asia Region Society, and to the Airman For Life forum. And the designated First Minister's attachments are qualified to serving to Inland Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, as well providing support & cooperation to the Emperor.

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