Trying to update some of the information in my personal profile. 

How do I delete a family member?

How do I delete former cell phones from the list of phone contacts?


Hey Jerry's! You may modify your phone number or any personal information online, under your personal preference option. To get to this option, click on your name in the upper right hand section and from the drop down list, click on the preferences option. To remove someone from your list of family members, I will send you an email on Please login to review this and respond to me. Thank you. ~Jen

Hi Jen, I would also like to remove someone from my list of family members. Would you be able to send me that information as well? Thanks!

Hi JS81 - Because USAA membership is based on eligibility, we rely on our personal profile system to ensure that our eligibility guidelines are adhered to. For this reason, we are unable to remove someone from your family member information. However, rest assured that this does not allow them access to any of your info. - Cathleen 

I’d like to remove family member information because I’m getting a divorce and my wife will no longer be part of my family. Can we do anything with that?

NCOgre, we are happy to help you with this.  Please send us a private message by clicking on your name in the upper right corner, and then  “Send New Message” by clicking the envelope icon in the same drop down.  :) ~JM

how do I delete someone from my family member profile

how do I delete a name from my family memberr profile

Hello @John Edens, please call our 800-531-8722 phone number and speak with a rep so we can look into your request. Thank you   ~Tom

Hello, Could you plese send me the email so I may removed family members?