Please help settle a debate between my husband and me. My husband no longer needs his car for work so we gave it to my mother in law. We still pay insurance, registration and upkeep. It’s basically an emergency vehicle for our adult children. Our son is between cars so he is driving this spare. His old truck was junked about three months ago. It  was on a policy along with my husband and his truck, his daughter and her car. We had his and her policies. The truck was stolen in the spring and a total loss.  I put my husband on my usaa policy and now his two kids need to find their own insurance. He thinks his son doesn’t need any because he doesn’t own a car. I say he does. I thought in CA, you need insurance to drive. Does anyone know the answer?


To help settle the debate @Mrvildsmom we offer an online chat option. To reach a representative for our chat area please go to the specific insurance product page > Reach a Representative; however, if this option is not available we would need to speak with you over the phone. A representative can be reached by phone at 1-800-531-8722 (USAA) or #8722 (USAA) from a cell phone. In addition, I have documented your account as well. ~ Joseph