New Beginnings

Well, I don't know where to start but I guess October 08,2019 would be a good place. It was the day my mother past away. I really miss her and she was the greatest mom anyone could possibly have. I lived my life with her guidance. USAA was her very first job back in the early 50's. She would talk about typing away during a time when things where so much easier then the times which are upon us. I should know and I don't blame anyone because history is an ongoing process that our society puts into action.


I will begin with the fact that I was a memeber with USAA for almost 40 years and as of September 2020 my family was canceled and I can't really tell you why. I thought about calling in my favors but I know there is someone out there who will take care of all of us. I need to let everyone know that I designed Mr. Robles home and he is a great man. I also designed a home for Wayne Peacock who was a very energetic person who has taken USAA to the place it is today. 


It seems as though no matter how hard one tries to explain themselves to a bunch of computers it always end with some very endeavor put on by no one. What I am trying to say is unless we bring bqack personal service we will all be on a path of destruction. I know my generation has been so spoiled in our lifetime that and maybe this could be a bad payback but unless we start to communicate again we will no longer exist. 


I went to school with Mr. Dell and so many of us mde fun of what the computer nerds were up to but I now see what they may have conquered by all of this. Maybe they don't realize what our society has started to become or maybe they can't understand how important itr is to have family that communicates. 


I am starting this issue to see what others might feel about our new uneventful lives. I sure hope you all see what we are becoming. 


It's to easy to shout words at others but do they care. We need our lives to be more about us and less about what I am doing at this moment. God Bless all of you!!!! I am not willimg to be a remote human being. 

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I see that  your post has already been responded to, but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your dear mother. I cold start my story similarly with a February 16, 2019 date. Still not a day goes by that I too don't feel the sting of loss. 


Thinking of you and the journey you are on to navigate life without your mom. 


Sending a virtual hug,



Thank you, She was a great mother, grandmother, and leader. There is never going to be the gatherings that we exprienced now that the silence generation is going away. They struggled harder and had more seriousness about them. Our light is about to burn out if we don't start working on conjoining the system within our families. It is a new era in our lives and I hope I see a fix before I leave this world. As of now I only see no reflection on the mirror I seem to look at most of the time. Maybe we need to go back where the path divided and take the other or maybe we curve this era a bit more to start to see people getting more personal with each other. Abandonment is not the way to handle anything especially since we know the differenence between right and wrong. 

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I spoke with you three weeks ago and still no one has called. It's exactly what I expect from everyone now a days. People need to start waking up or the days will become very short!!!