I am having a hard time this holiday season because I miss my son who died from a tragic accident in November 2018 and wish I could find someone to talk to and help me get through it a little easier


@Redneck Cowboy, I am sorry to hear of your loss.  What is your son's name?

@Redneck Cowboy,


I was able to locate your account and see that we have something in common.  We both have boys the same age.  I'm sure your son was full of energy and personality.  Even though my shift is about end, I am going to remain on a bit longer that way if you wish to talk and share some stories about your son, I'll be available. - Ina

I know this is a little late as far as a response goes but my brother was murdered over 20 years ago and it is still so hard every holiday happy birthday every day that we celebrated together then I remember doing special things that only him and I knew about I am more than happy to talk to you anytime you ever need to speak with someone I'm not sure how to contact you outside of here or how we do this but if you know and you'd like to talk I can tell you how I've coped I can't imagine losing a child but my brother and I were a year apart he was my everything a part of me and going in the blink of an eye you just never get over it but you do learn how to deal with it in a better way I can help you understand that I can't help you as far as losing a child because I've never had that and I know how bad losing my brother was and cannot imagine and I am so so sorry for your incredible loss I do know that time stands still for you at least it feels that way and there's a moments right before your eyes open every morning that everything is okay and then reality crashes back so I can only help you with the things that I have learned about coping with grief and if you would like someone to talk to I will always have a shoulder buying an ear wasn't I think the only thing we can do is help each other and be kind to one another extend a helping hand anytime someone needs one never judge I'm trying to understand even when we don't have any clue how hard it is for the person we're trying to be understanding for so all we can do just try to be positive for anyone who needs positivity with me presents we can be open way to be honest going to be caring and loving to other human beings and if we all do that for one another Maybe I mean just maybe this world will be a little bit better every day if you have questions I'll answer them honestly if you want to talk I will be here to listen if you want advice mine may not be very good but I'll tell you my thoughts on your questions and I will share what I have learned your life's lessons I learned it helps to talk about you loved ones that you miss so much that are gone in some way it keeps them with us nothing no one time people situations not anything in this world can take our memories those are ours and we should celebrate them every moment of every day celebrate the time that we had with them and not dwell on the time we didn't because they are always a part of us we carry them in our hearts and because of that they live forever within us I hope to hear from you I would love to hear about him I'm sure he was amazing I know my brother Jeremy was and the 22 years 5 months and five days that I had him amazing and Unforgettable and we made many incredible memories that I'd be happy to share with you as well they bring smiles to my face and joy to my heart

Thank you @Sukiesshaggin for sharing about your brother Jeremy and how you are living and coping with grief. 


I hope that helps @Redneck Cowboy and others here in community who are experiencing loss. My mother died suddenly in February of 2019 and not a day goes by that I dont feel the void that is left in her absence- so much of what you described rings true for me as well.


I love what you said, "we don't have any clue how hard it is for the person we're trying to be understanding for -so all we can do just try to be positive for anyone who needs positivity". I try to also live each day with this same mantra- you never know what another person is going through- like you feeling the loss of your brother and the immense grief @Redneck Cowboy feels with the unimaginable loss of their son. We are stronger together especially when spreading love and kindness.


Thanks again for sharing @Sukiesshaggin - you are spreading love and light to others!