I have been a USAA member for over 60 years.  I do not have many more moons until I pass on being 86 years of age.  My question is how best to transfer my account to my spouse at my passing.  I have been teaching her about the new logon info in the MFA authentication system.  Could you offer some advice on how best to have my spouse, Mary Redwine Simmons,(who is listed in my profile) pick up where I leave off and have her manage my account?  I have several auto drafts such as Cable TV, newspaper, cell phone, and USAA insurance premium drafted to my USAA Visa credit card.  I then pay the Visa Card payment monthly as it becomes due.  I would like Mary to have access to the account to assume my role in paying the account.  Is it possible to have two members with access to the account?  Would it be best to wait until my passing, let her call in to one of your agents and transfer the account to her ID, password, PIN and change the account over to her name then? Would appreciate your comments.  Thank you .  RWS


@Big Rog, This is such an important task and I thank you for reaching out. Rather than use your profile, she would likely just need to access her own. If your accounts are jointly set up, she will see them under her profile. It is 1 phone call or Chat to one of our servicing agents to go over that information with you. I think you will find that it will be a very easy process for her to step into upon your departure. We can not review your account specifics in this platform so please do reach out together by phone so we can help ensure things are set up the way you wish and so your wife knows what to do. Thank you for reaching out. It is one of the kindest things you can do to have peace of mind knowing she will be able to financially care for herself. I do hope if the moons are limited that they are extra bright and full. 😊  ~ Suzy