I was very excited to learn that USAA marched in the Tampa FL Gay Pride Parade on March 28th. I haven’t seen much on the news or online about it, but some of my LGBT friends (and fellow bank members) who were at the parade were happy to know that their bank stands behind them. I think USAA should post a story here in the member community highlighting the awesome support for equal rights. Thanks USAA for making people from all walks of life feel like they are actual people and not just a dollar sign <3


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Thank you so much for posting in the community. I will surely pass along this suggestion to the rest of the community team! 


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Why is USAA sponsoring Gay Pride Parades?

Dear Army Wife Mom,
Thanks for your question. USAA is committed to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion that embraces all dimensions of diversity. Our participation in events such as Tampa Pride is one way to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

How about USAA show its commitment to the military community and the USAA members who started this bank. USAA should support the service members and USAA members rather than spend money on some social agenda and/or political experment.


I do not believe the members of this bank were ever asked our thoughts or opinions on supporting such an effort.

I am sure 99% of the USAA members would have funds turned back towards us, the stakeholder and members of the bank, in the form of dividend savings.


Let's see if my Constitional rights are honored and USAA does not try to cancel my bank accounts or insurance because I do agree not with the new USAA social agenda. As a reminder, freedom of speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but it includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. God Bless the U.S. Constitution.


This would be a great thing... Except that USAA will not accept LGBT Verterans as members due to the fact that most of us have General Discharges.  

LeoBear - To maintain our status as membership insurers, we're required to apply our membership criteria in a uniform and consistent manner. I have requested that a Subject Matter Expert check into your situation. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed.

LeoBear, Thank you for your patience. All military, currently serving, retired, or separated with a discharge type of “Honorable,” are eligible for USAA membership, regardless of sexual orientation. If you believe that your discharge classification was unfair or incorrect, the Department of Defense has a process for reviewing discharge categorizations or correcting military records through the Board of Correction of Military Records of each service. ~Michelle