Live and Learn

     We have all heard the saying, "live and learn" but how many of us allow our children to do just that?  As a mother of 3 kids, currently age 16, 18, and 21, I feel our personal experiences as a family have been so varied and vast that I have a lot of insight to offer.  First and foremost, there are no failures and no choice is off-limits (except all things illegal).  Let's discuss.


     Each and every choice my kids make is theirs and results in a lesson.  I realize that may sound a bit wishy-washy to strict parents, dangerous to helicopter parents, and exhausting to lazy parents.   Trust me when I say that it's so worth it.   Believing and living that statement will result in strong, trusting, open relationships between you and your kiddos.  At times you will feel frustration and even disappointment.  There will be costs involved, maybe injury, and definately LOTS of time.  It's easier to just say "NO!" but that's not parenting, that's avoiding parenting.  When you allow your kids to make their own choices, it results in you learning, communicating, and growing with your kids in a way that will make your own parents envious of your skills and relationships. 


     The logic that drives this parenting approach is that challenges (some would call mistakes) made at this early stage have time to be "fixed"- if they come with help and encouragement.  Not as an adult, it's all on you!  How better to build a strong adult than to build a kid that knows how to try, fail, and fix.  Want to try real parenting?  You can start this at any stage.  Let's go!

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Hi @g00d0ne2028 


Thanks for sharing your parenting philosophy. I am always trying to improve and grow as a parent (and you are seasoned! I can imagine the teen and adult stage has unique challenges!)


My girls are 5 and 7 and I feel like I am constantly learning life lessons from them! I am thankful for the reminder to find joy in the little things and to slow down!


Thanks again for posting! Have a great afternoon!