Hi I'm looking to find a lawyer that is willing to help me get back on path with my life I have old record that I'm making bad for myself the longer I live like this for my family. So someone send me a good lawyer to help me but willing to work with my income


Hi @Ambitious_momof5 ,

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope memeber's chime in and have recommendations to help you get back on track.


If you are a veteran, some VA facilities host non-VA legal service providers that can assist Veterans free of charge, you can find more information about those services here.


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Call or text this guy.... he'll help you for free or next to nothing. Timothy Yost Attorney at law 5053536149
Hi there just a little information that may help especially to save money since we could all definitely stand to say some of that these days there is actually some paperwork that you can go to the courthouse and get in just about every state I believe that allows you to file for an expungement you have to get a copy of your record so that you have the indictments or case number and any other information that they need off of the actual original court docket you get the application for expungement you fill it out and you file it with the court clerk usually your county or state may have a different protocol but as I said I believed every County every state every City offers the ability to expunge a record by filling out the paperwork and filing it yourself there for bypassing the need to pay expensive attorney fees there will be a C4 court cost and clerical cost to have that done at the county clerk's office of course you know that they're going to get theirs however it's still substantially lower than hiring an attorney because when you hire an attorney you're still going to pay those fees and then also pay the attorney fees so logically that means you only have one set of these to pay and don't have to come out of pocket for expensive retainers and hourly attorney rates which can vary from 100 to for $500 per hour depending on who you hire so if I were you I would Google your county clerk's office and see if they list a self-help online for that now that the corona has everyone at a safe distance in many places only partially open including and especially chords if you do not find any information online I would call the county clerk and inquire ask them where you can find that paperwork what you need to fill out where you need to file it and what documentation you will need to have in order to properly and completely fill out the paperwork making certain that you have everything so it is done and illegal fashion it requires in order to be considered and processed through the cord you will have to do this at every Court you've had cases in it is not a blanket thing and I also believe you have to do it for every case separately if you have multiple cases however I had some trouble when I was literally a few days past the ages 18 that's impacted my life greatly and I was literally just with the wrong people and so the story goes it is very true that the company you keep can really bring you harm because they did things that I was not actually even aware of but I went down with them because I was there it affected my life in a very negative way for many years I was able to file paperwork with Davidson County Nashville Metro court system in Tennessee I was able to pay a fee and have it expunged myself I did not have to hire an attorney so I would check that out and see if you can accomplished it's in your state or city or county whichever Court you happen to be in because it saved me a whole lot of money good luck I hope that helps