If You Could Travel Anywhere Tomorrow, Where Would You Go?

I find myself day dreaming of a vacation somewhere I can bury my toes in white sand, listening to the soft sounds of the surf sipping on a drink served in a coconut. If you could travel ANYWHERE, no restrictions, where would you travel to tomorrow?




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Stop sponsoring the NFL. Is USAA concerned about revenue, or about taking care of Service Members? It's clear that USAA is only concerned with the dollar.

Allowing trolling comments in posts that are completely off topic makes the community forum experience unpleasant for the rest of us.
I've always wanted to visit Malaysia. I had a trip all planned and set up last winter but at the last moment my fiancé decided he'd rather visit freezing cold Georgia and Armenia instead of the tropical destination I had in mind. I get to pick next time!


Malaysia would be WONDERFUL! It's on my bucket list too! Glad you get to pick next time- but I am sure your trip last winter was wonderful too! Thank you for commenting!

Stop USAA's disgraceful sponsoring of the NFL.

Two Cruises and I'll be adding the 7 Modern Day Seven Seas to having sailed the 7 Route to China Seas.  Two more and I'd be able to add the 7 '20th Century Seven Seas', plus the seventh continent.  Why is the Southern Hemisphere excluded from the Modern Day Seven Seas List?