I would like to add my son to my account.

I am 80 yo  50 year member USAA.  My daughter is on my account,  but I had a good deal of trouble getting that done.    One of the few 'failings' of USAA.   I would like to get help from a live agent as the new menu is extremely difficult to navigate.  How do I get directly to an agent that will walk me through this process.  

OH and also my son is a tenured professor at University of Alberta,  in Canada.   He is still a US citizen. 

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@charlie85602, Thank you for reaching out in our Member Community. We value your membership and regret that you found it difficult to add an account holder. If you wish to speak to a live agent, your options are to call or chat.  When calling 1-210-531-8722, after our system verifies you, you can say "representative" and that should result in a transfer to an agent. We do really wish for you to be able to speak to someone with ease. I will be sure to submit your feedback about the difficulty you experienced. It would appreciate if you could detail what happened when you called. Those specifics would help investigate any issues that may have caused the difficulty. Thank you for your 50+ years of membership! ~ Suzy