I am so bitter at USAA. After a summer of BLANK (USSA WON"T LET ME USE H E DOUBLE LL)  with USAA that has put us behind in bills, today I deposit my check (mind you I have done this every two weeks for a couple of years) USAA put a 7-day hold on my deposit. That means ALL of the bills I have paid will be returned setting us further and further behind. Of course, there is nothing they can do. It's the same old story. I was told by the rep to transfer funds from another account. WHAT ACCOUNT? I was also told the hold will be off in 7 days. REALLY? How do you feed kids and pay bills when your check is on hold. USAA holds our feet to the fire on every little thing.  And yet again they are holding my head underwater. This check was finally going to get us back on track!!! Ugh. I just can't anymore. THANK YOU USAA... And USAA please think before you ask me any questions. I do not have another account I can transfer from. I do not have family to spot me until YOU CLEAR my check. I do not have a direct deposit or wire transfer through my employer. I have worked for this same doctor for 3 years depositing in your bank!!! And you put a hold on it!! Thank you... I can't wait to figure out who I don't pay and what food I don't get.  The great thing by the time they release my check all the accounts will charge me late fees so I am back where I was during the summer.  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH>>> HAPPY HOLIDAYS


@FRUSTRATED1976, We appreciate that in some cases a deposit hold can be a cause of frustration. I will be forwarding your feedback to the appropriate area to review. Thank you. ~ Suzy

Which means nothing!

Might I recommend a local bank or credit union in this case. This is a fool me once, fool me twice situation. Find a place you can walk into and go from there. Best of luck.