If I get divorced do I lose my membership status . We have a 14 year old son.


Great question @Hotmama1 and have sent you a PM so we can proceed.   ~ Joseph

Will you send information to me also but I'm going to be honest my husband is a very smart guy a perfect liar. He tells me daily he would never leave me stranded. I work full time and sometimes I work two jobs and I'm paying the Bill's through the month. How is it hes able to get on the site because he feels like it when hes paid and block my card? If hes allowed then no wonder that is another thing to continue control. I've never quite understood how he can decide when to shut funds off to me. Sadly I make more than he brings but its embarrassing to be in the store and my card is blocked by himself because hes the account holder.. please something should be done. Its messed up. For any other reason.. I finally left today so of someone can tell me he can block and leave me 12 years later and 3 babies.. with no help from him.. its allowed? I'm pretty sure that this must be an error.. I'm glad I never stayed home .. otherwise he would have been living it up watching my self homeless.. very disturbing and I will be trying to get this attention

I can certainly understand how hard and stressful this situation is for you @Sameaccoutsamerights. As mentioned in previous replies, any account holder can block any card linked to that account. The only way to prevent this is to open an individual account under your own log in details that one one else has access to. You can have this done on USAA.com as previously advised. If you already have an online account you can update your username and password by clicking your name, then selecting my profile & preferences. Lastly, you can update any direct deposits to be sent to the new account, thereby keeping your paycheck in your account. I hope this is helpful, have a good night. -Emily