Dividend payments

Does anyone know when these will be made this year. I have always received a notice well before now.
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We might not get anything this year. Usaa has elimanated many services including Deposit Home ; Deposits at The UPS Store :  cutbacks on Chat services , etc . And if you ever get CHARGE OFF on credit cards, your SSN is Blacklisted . They deny request to delete family members information. It seems that USAA use the information to market product and services to them.

@LFWejr, I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding recent changes with a few banking features. The Deposit@Home service was retired on September 15th, 2021, however you may still conveniently deposit checks remotely with the use of Deposit@Mobile via the USAA mobile app. For assistance 24/7 you may still contact us via our chat service for your banking needs. To initiate a chat session with a banking specialist select the "Help" button on the mobile app or "Chat" on the USAA website. For specific matters related to your credit card accounts and family member information I am forwarding your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. We appreciate you sharing your feedback with USAA. - Robyn

The 0.01% interest payment on checking accounts is terrible, considering USAA makes money with our money.

I called on 12/16, and tried to see when it will deposit in my bank. It shows my amount and a distribution date of 12/9. I have not seen an email or notice; so I guess our dividends are in the Cloud…

Same with mine. Shows a date of 12/12/2021 on my Subscriber's statement, but nothing has actually been deposited, yet, even eight days later.

I was wondering the same thing. We normally get an announcement before 12/9 but this year, I have heard nothing about the dividend payout or even if there's any?

Me too! It is now 12/15 and I have not heard a word except that others HAVE gotten theirs so it makes me worry!  I have usually had it by now. Been a member for over 20 years!

Hey there @mrighos. Thank you for reaching out to us. Distributions did start going out to members last week in waves. If you do have account specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone at 800-531-8722. - Heather

Hello @Louie1974, thanks for reaching out about when distributions will be announced and when will they show up on your accounts. Notifications started to be sent the end part of last week. Please continue to review your inbox and accounts as well as your "View Distribution History" on our website. We truly appreciate your membership and allowing USAA to serve your insurance needs. For more information please reach out to our insurance team via the phone at #800-531-8722 (USAA). -Paula

Hi when will the announcement by the Board be made for
Amount of dividend checks?

Hello @Vince and Elena, we are still awaiting a response from our Board of Directors.  Our members will be notified in coming weeks of December, please continue to check your inbox/mailbox for correspondence from USAA.  ~Marco

Hello @Nycceegirl, we certainly get the anticipation in hearing what the Board of Directors will share for 2021.  We are still awaiting a response from them and know our members will be the first to be notified within the weeks of December.  Thank you for your membership with USAA and please continue checking your inbox/mailbox for any correspondence from USAA.  ~Marco