Many of you are military retirees like me and have been wrestling with the dental and vision insurance switch from Delta to the Fed open season system. Buyer beware. I took USAA's advice for dental, Cigna, and started coverage on Dec 1 to ensure no lapse in coverage. Cigna was also the most expensive. If you want the best, pay the most, right? Not so fast GI. On my first visit to the dentist, I discovered Cigna does not cover implants or crowns for implants. On my second visit to the dentist, today, for a cracked tooth, I discover Cigna does not cover anything, repeat anything, for the first 30 days and no major work for the first year. Well, a root canal and a crown are in the category of major dental work. I guess I am paying for dental insurance for a year with no coverage except for fillings and cleaning. I called Cigna and they want me to get Delta to send them a "Letter of Creditable Coverage" that shows my coverage dates. Look Cigna, I wouldn't be doing this if Tricare still just did it for me. I wouldn't recommend you buy Cigna for your dog and shame on USAA for recommending them.
Bottom line, we've been duped by the system. We join the herd of federal employees and are screwed. Read the fine print closely, know exactly what that monthly payment buys, and I'll bet you'll still be disappointed. Wonder how long they'll keep paying medical?
Thanks for nothing, Tricare.


@Eagle60CC, I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I will have this forwarded to a specialist for review. ~ Samantha