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My son who is a junior in college is traveling to Japan this March for a week-long school trip. He has a local, non-USAA checking account that has a debit card attached to it, but they don't allow transactions on the card outside the US. Does anyone have experience with overseas travel and a recommendation on what to do so that he has money? Does USAA have a limited credit card that he could enroll in? He's perfectly happy with his current debit card set up, so I'm not looking to get him a permanent credit card. Thanks for your help.


@AJ squared away, Japan is awesome!!  I am a little jealous... just sayin'.   


I would recommend opening a new card and have your son on there as an authorized user. If you get approved for a card that has a larger credit limit than you are comfortable with, you can lower the credit limit. Also, make sure to put a travel notice on the card. 


Hope this helps and tell AJ to have a great trip!!   ~Tom

1. Do you have a credit card that can be used outside of the US?  If so, are you willing to add your son to that credit card as an authorized user?   2. Also, there are also some places that specialize in exchanging currency at fairly reasonable rates.  He could get some Japanese currency before he leaves and if he has any left when he returns, the currency exchange will change the money back as long as he keeps the original receipt.    3. If you have an ATM card and are ok with him using it for a week, you could let him take that.  He could pull money out of the ATMs as he needs it.      These are a couple of suggestions.    However I do want to caution you that if you had your son to your credit card as an authorized user, it will become part of his credit score.  This could be good or this could be bad for your son depending on what your personal credit score is.