What have you learned most about yourself during our "shelter in place" policies?


Such an interesting question @Peachofalady - I am looking forward to reading other's responses. 


I already loved my daughters teacher, but I know have realized I lack the skills (and let's be honest the patience) to be a teacher! 


Hope you are staying safe and well- what have you learned most about yourself?

I am a science Teacher.  My heart goes out to all the parents tryng to do what we were trained to do and are passionate about.  I know the struggle is real. It is for my kiddo.  I have a senior at home and she has been devasted about how her senior year is ending up.  It is heartbreaking. We cry about once a week. lol

@Kbomer, thank you for sharing, and for your dedication to our kids as a teacher. I feel for your senior, there's so many experiences that she's missing out on having to complete her year at home. I hope she's making the best of it, and please give her our congratulations! ~Holland