Common Era subject criteria for kids?

Do you think this is a republican or democrat reality? Could it be something else? Do you think the answer has something to do with DNA? Possibly "international-relations"? What do you think children feel when they are involved with international-affairs? What do you think children think Game-Theory is? Could this be a concept or economic shelter rates, or personal shelter rates? What other possibilities? Privacy?
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When our children worry about us as a parent or parents. They should look at their lifestyle they have learned to live and tell the TRUTH regardless if it is right or wrong. TRUTH prevails over D/D/ and yelling, hanging up and ANGER. Who controls our world our families or our prescriptions? this world would be a better place if everyone took a knee and sat and remembered how they were brought up. Not including violence or threats. GOD BLESS the USA, USAA and Families. Cherokee Cheerleader loves football, competition and not failing. So if you fall, get back up and TRY, TRY, and TRY AGAIN!