Is it possible to get benefits for the parents of USAA members


@Nathaniel2- Great question, while a child cannot sponsor their parents for membership, we can offer them shopping, discounts, and help everyone with life insurance. We also have the USAA Insurance Agency which has established relationships with nationally known insurance providers, through this service we are able to help fill a lot of needs. Our website is always a great resource, and we can help over the phone at 800-531-8722 too. ~Shawna

Please check into my issue. Dad (vet) set me up a ears ago. Asking for verification again although phone convo said it's settled. Obviously not$ please fix ASAP!

@JORGE9- Hi, a parent can sponsor a child, but a child cannot sponsor a parent. Please, reach out to USAA via a secure contact channel, these include chat on our website and over the phone at 800-531-8722. We'll be able to look into your membership status and help you out. Thank you. ~Shawna