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  I have been with USAA for over 25 years and have been loyal to paying my premiums each month but, lately during the time I have been deployed to Afghnistan to protect our troops over the past 6 years working under the Secretary of Deffence my daughter and wife have been in several accidents and were droped from USAA. I had asked the represinative on the line while calling from Afghanistan what had happened he did not know just that there was a loss of property ( My 2009 1500 Dodge Crew cab 4X4) I was worried that something happed to my wife but, that was not the concern to the person on the line. I then asked them that I wanted a investigation conducted but, I was told they would make a note of my concern. I was more than upset at this point getting now where with anyone. I had return on R&R from Afghanistan to find out that they had dopped my Wife and Daughter from the policy leaving them with no insurance on either vehicle so I had paid my daughters mustang of so she could at lease get insurance and my wife had to get a policy outstanding amount of money has to be paid each month which comes to over $10,000.0 thousand each year just to have. Now remeber I am a retired United States 24 year veteran with no insurance when I get back. I went to perchase a 2020 GMC Truck but, was informed that no one could insure me because of the accidents that my Wife and Daughter had while on my policy with USAA even though I have a perfect driving record with no accidents or tickets, I was boiling by this point. I had saved over the last year $40,000.0 to place down on my new vehicle but, I had to inform the dealership that I could not insure the vehicle for less than $985.0 dollars a mount which is unheared of all because of family members had these accident with in the past three years and remeber I had been with USAA your company for over 25 years since I began my career in the USAF. I recently called the Auto insurance policy with USAA to find out what could be done about geting myself insured since my family had to find new insurance policies with another insurer. I was told that I was speaking to the CEO of USAA ( John) which is all I got well the name is not on the list of any CEO for USAA so I was lied too by those persons working for your company. I believe that this is the way not to conduct business because it will come back to haunt you in the end. As a veteran work under the Secretary of Deffence Mad Dawg Mattis I fill that it is my duty to inform this department of the way I have been treated by your Company (USAA) and since I still work in Afghanistan protecting the lives of our troops and civilians I will also insure that they know of what happened to me under you companies care. Have A Great Day




Network Cable Dawg

Network systems Engineer Afghanistan 

Northrop Grumman 


I am so very sorry about your experience, Network Cable DAWG. It's never our intent to make our members feel this way, I can understand your frustration and I am more than happy to forward your concerns to our subject matter experts for additional review of your file to see if there are any options available.