22 year member, "we know what it means to serve" is a joke and OUTRAGE.

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I am an 8 year USMC Combat vet with 2 tours.  Disabled due to combat operations, but still serving as a Federal Agent.  During shutdown, I was still required to go to work.  Didn't get paid for 5 weeks.  I have young children to support.  EVERY creditor i called was welcoming with a ready solution to defer my bills and offer assistance.  

NOT USAA.  After 5 phone calls over the last 3 weeks, each at least 40 minutes long, I am still being charged late fees, receiving the automatic harassment phone calls (where is our money) and told i am delinquent.  

ALL 5 times i sent in the letter showing my NO PAY status from the government, and was told I didnt' need to do anything else, that my bills and accounts were being deferred.  An hour after hanging up, the harassing calls would return.  

I spoke to 2 women today at USAA that stated I was not approved for the deferrment program since my bill was late........Does anyone else find this troubling??  They will not remove the $25 late fees because my account is behind, and won't accept me into the deferrment program until I pay the bills.  How could I have paid the bills when I wasn't paid in 5 WEEKS??  YET STILL I WAS REQUIRED TO GO TO WORK?? 

They kept saying "we really understand" and "we are here to help sir" all the while telling me they REFUSE  to remove the $25 late fees.  

I will be leaving USAA for good and filing a complaint with my state Senator for unfair business practices.  Did i mention that last year, after 22 years of auto insurance, 3 vehicles insured that entire time, not A SINGLE insurance claim, they doubled my insurance (after canceling my policy) because i missed making payments while deployed overseas?  



@MarineCombatVet, we are sadden to read your experience with us.  This is certainly not how we want our members to feel.  I will engage a specialist to review this matter further. We appreciate you reaching out to make us aware.

As expected, no response from USAA.  Just like the 5 phone calls that took over 40 minutes of my time each call.  They want to SEEM to care, all the while doing nothing to actually help.  

UPDATE:  Contrary to the post by USAA, nobody has contacted me to correct my situation.  I am still being harassed by several departments demanding payment, none of the erroneous late fees have been removed, and when I do take the call, they do nothing to actually rectify the situation, just relay "Sir, that is not my department.  What account do you want to use to make payment?"

I have never endured such a ridiculous situation.  

@MarineCombatVet, I am sorry to hear you are frustrated and I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist. Sincerely, thank you for your service and for you to allow us to serve you as well.   ~Tom

Nearing the second week, I have not had my issue corrected, nor have I been even contacted by USAA to discuss the issue.  Meanwhile, the harassing phone calls and late fees continue.  


"we know what it means to serve" This phrase is a slap in the face.  

UPDATE:  You guessed it, NO RESOLUTION.  My only recourse now is to contact my attorney who will serve their corporate office with litigation to go after damages.  He said because they offered, and accepted my furlough notice, yet have failed so miserably to assist or correct my accounts, or ACTUALLY help in any way, there will be a sizeable penalty assessed.  6 phone calls, and all my notes will help immensely.