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Dominiquentx's avatar User  Dominiquentx  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I find it crazy how hard it is to file a complaint with USAA. On May 13th I called into USAA to ask about cash advance on my credit card for $7500 to buy a car in North Fort Worth where there were no USAA branches near by. I was told if I do a cash advance on my Platinum Visa. I would receive a fee of 3% on the $7500. I got off the call and went to my USAA app transferred $7500 in to my checking account. I then called USAA back and had them raise my cash advance limits on my debit card to $7600 so I can avoid the 3% fee. After finally getting everything done over the phone I went into First National Bank to do my cash advance. I grabbed the 2nd card in my wallet handed it to the teller and signed the paper and got the $7500 cash. Went and bought my car, drove a hour to my moms, stopped by Bealls and my credit card got declined...... So I paid with my debit card went out to my car and called USAA as the person I spoke with said it was locked and he needed to verify some charges. As we are going though the charges he says the $7500... I told him that charge was supposed to be put on my debit card because it was a cash advance. He stated that he can't refund the fee until it hard posts to my account and advised me to call back when it posts and hopefully they will refund the fee.  The $7500 did not hard post until Tuesday the 16th and there was the $225 fee for the cash advance. So I called back, spoke with a few people, and explained the whole story to about 6 to 10 different people between 3 days. They all pretty much told me in Layman's terms it is NOT a bank error YOU ARE S**T OUT OF LUCK. Also one of the people that I spoke with mentioned that there is a max amount I can be charged for a cash advance, which is $200. I don't know about you but $225 is a lot of money for a simple mistake of grabbing the 2nd card and not the 1st card out of my wallet or grabbing the card I always use over the one I never use. I am having to use my credit card points to that I have been saving to help with Christmas and Birthday shopping on covering this fee.  All this from a bank that is supposed to support and stand behind their Military and their families. WELL THIS MILITARY FAMILY IS VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!


USAA Social Service's avatar User  USAA Social Service USAA Service

Dominiquentx, we appreciate you taking the time to post. I regret the disappointing experience you've had with your credit card account. We have gathered your feedback from your posts, and have shared your comments with the appropriate area for further review. Unfortunately, fees cannot be refunded unless there is a bank error due to compliance purposes. Thank you for your post. -Meredith

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