June is Annuity Awareness Month – Webinar June 29

June is Annuity Awareness Month – Webinar June 29 

Join the USAA webinar to learn how an annuity can be part of your retirement strategy.  






June is Annuity Awareness Month, a time dedicated to educating about the importance of guaranteed income in retirement. One of the most commonly mentioned financial risks facing retirees is the risk of outliving their money. You can learn more about what annuities are and how they can play an important role in retirement planning at this upcoming webinar.  


Webinar Details: 


Topic: June is Annuity Awareness Month 


Description: Bill White, USAA SVP of Retirement Income and retired Navy captain, will lead a 45-minute panel discussion designed for those interested in learning the basics in addition to existing annuity holders looking to learn more.  


Time: June 29, 2022, 03:05 pm in Central Time (US and Canada) 


Register: Webinar registration link 


Have a question about annuities that our professionals can answer? Drop your question in the comments below and we’ll be sure to send them to the annuity team ahead of the webinar. 



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