Facebook Live Event with USAA: Bridging the Digital Divide

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Join Next Week’s Facebook Live Event – VA and USAA Present: Bridging the Digital Divide


What: VA and USAA Present: Bridging the Digital Divide


Where: USAA’s Facebook page

When: February 23, 12:00 noon ET


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was the year that connected care and telehealth became widely known and used parts of everyday health care. But did you know that VA has been focusing on expanding their connected care tools and technology long before that to bring care closer to home for Veterans all across the country? Through a variety of tools and technologies, VA is helping Veterans access care wherever they live, which is especially important for Veterans in rural communities.


During the event hosted by USAA, VA Connected Care will discuss how these technologies like VA Video Connect, ATLAS video chat rooms, Emergency Telehealth are bridging the gap many Veterans face, particularly those who live in rural communities. VA experts Dr. Leonie Heyworth, Director of Synchronous Telehealth, Office of Connected Care, Veterans Health Administration and Thomas Klobucar, PhD Executive Director, Office of Rural Health (ORH), will speak with Michael Kelly, Assistant VP Military Affairs – USAA, answering questions from the live audience.


Participating in the event is easy:



If you would like to learn more about VA Connected Care’s goal to increase Veterans’ access to care through VA’s virtual care technologies, visit connectedcare.va.gov. For those unable to attend, the event video will be archived and available USAA’s Facebook page for later viewing.