Blue Angels Remaining Air Show Schedule

What’s the top speed of a F/A-18 at a Blue Angels air show?


The Navy’s Blue Angels are approaching the last half of their Air Show season. If you haven’t been to an air show in a while and live in a Navy town, chances are they are headed your way with stops in Virginia Beach, VA, San Diego, CA, Jacksonville, FL and then heading home to Pensacola, FL, with stops along the way in Ohio, Texas and Nevada.


Here are the remaining dates for the Blue Angels air show season:

  • August 25-26: Sound of Speed Air Show – St Joseph, MO
  • September 1-3: Cleveland National Air Show – Cleveland, OH
  • September 15-16: Owensboro Air Show – Owensboro, KY
  • September 22-23: NAS Oceana Airshow – NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA
  • September 29-30: MCAS Miramar – San Diego, CA
  • October 6-7: San Francisco Fleet Week – San Francisco, CA
  • October 13-14: Aviation Round Up – Minden-Tahoe, NV
  • October 20-21: Wings Over Houston Air Show – Houston, TX
  • October 27-28: NAS Jacksonville Airshow – NAS Jacksonville, FL
  • November 2-3: Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow – NAS Pensacola, FL

USAA Community Blue Angels Schedule.jpgThe first time I ever saw the Blue Angels perform was at an air show in St Louis, Missouri. A novice photographer, I did my best to capture the jaw dropping aerial display high above. Throughout our military life since, we’ve had the chance to see them perform in Jacksonville, FL and Millington, TN. We are planning to trip to Houston in late October to catch the show once again.


Once you decide to attend, keep in mind you’ll most likely be on the flight line for hours. A few creature comforts can go a long way to enjoying the experience.


Here are four things to make sure you pack along for your air show experience:


Folding chairs for adults and kids – Standing for three or four hours can make for a tired family. Check the event website for details. Some locations might offer seating in grassy areas where a blanket might be more appropriate.


Ear plugs – The sound of FREEDOM is LOUD. Jet engine noise is so loud, chances are you won’t be able to hear yourself speak. Protect your ears!


Hats and sun screen – Even though fall is almost here, protect yourself from sunburn and heat exposure. You might even decide a sun umbrella is needed.


Water and snacks – Concession stands will offer food and beverages, however if you have a large family this might be cost prohibitive. Check the event website for the rules on bringing in outside food. Most locations will allow a clear bag per person, no backbacks. Typically, coolers are not allowed.


For more information on parking, ticket prices and prohibited items visit the event website.

 USAA Community Little Blue Angel Fan.jpg

To answer the question above, “What’s the top speed of a F/A-18 at a Blue Angels air show?” According to the Blue Angels website, the answer is 700 mph!


If you happen to see a USAA booth at a show, be sure to stop by and say, Hi!


Have you ever been to an Air Show? Share your memory in the comments!


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