BaseFEST visits Fort Bliss, Texas – Part 2

In part two of our coverage of BaseFEST Powered by USAA at Ft. Bliss, we have even more photos to share of the experience. You can check out part one here.


BaseFEST is a great way to bring music experiences directly to our military. We know service members and their families make huge sacrifices for our country. This is one way for USAA to say thank you.


BaseFEST headlining artist Dustin Lynch takes photos with a BaseFEST attendees at Ft. Bliss, Texas on May 12.


Military children play at the KidZone during BaseFEST at Ft. Bliss, Texas on May 12.


BaseFEST performing artist and Army veteran, Craig Morgan sings to the growing crowd Ft. Bliss, Texas on May 12.


BaseFEST attendees await the headlining performing artist Dustin Lynch to sing to over 10,000 fans at Ft. Bliss, Texas on May 12.


 Tennessee native, Dustin Lynch performs new single, “Good Girl” and other tracks at Ft. Bliss, Texas on May 12.



 The next tour date for the BaseFEST summer concert series will be Naval Station Mayport, Florida on June 2nd. Be sure to make plans to attend and enjoy the various genres of music! Check out the details below. 


Concert series dates: BaseFEST Powered by USAA summer concert series will be visiting:

Naval Station Mayport, FL (June 2nd)

Camp Lejeune, NC (July 4th)

Twentynine Palms, CA (September 22nd).


BaseFEST Tickets: Military members need to go to to register for up to 2 FREE tickets. For non-military, visit the website for details (it varies by location).


BaseFEST Activities:

Music – Loud and Lots of Different Styles


Family Activities

Technology Displays

Video Games

Fitness Challenges

Kids Zone


Latest Information: Follow the BaseFEST webpage and social media accounts for the latest news and information.


USAA Community BaseFEST Caleb Barrieau.jpgAbout the photographer: USAA Training with Industry fellow SFC Caleb Barrieau snaps a selfie backstage prior to BaseFEST performing artist Craig Morgan hits the stage. SFC Barrieau was one of several photographers on ground covering the event for USAA.