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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Reserve always has a busy year and this year has been no exception. The Marine Forces Reserve (AKA the United States Marine Corps Reserve) was created in 1916, in conjunction with the creation of the Navy Reserve. In the years from 1916, the USMC Reserve grew from just 35 to today’s over 40,000 Marine Corps Reservists. The Marine Corps Reserve Birthday is observed every year on the 29th of August.


Let’s remember some of the significant contributions from the Marine Corps Reserve this year:


  1. Indonesian, U.S. Marines Enhance Strong Military Relationship. The exchange program, designed to strengthen the partnership between the two militaries, involves each country sending a platoon of Marines to live and train together at the others’ military bases. Working closely though a rigorous training schedule focused around individual, team and squad level tactics, Marines from both nations are able to learn from each other and continue to improve their ability to work together.

  2. Marines Employ Machine Guns While Strengthening Communication Skills. A Marine leader stated, “This gave the Marines the opportunity to experience a practical application of why they need to learn and understand skills as far as handling crew-served weapons and operating radios.”

  3. The Corps’ JLTV Achieves Initial Operational Capability. The JLTV, a program led by the Army, will fully replace the Corps’ aging High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle fleet. The JLTV family of vehicles comes in different variants with multiple mission package configurations, all providing protected, sustained, networked mobility that balances payload, performance and protection across the full range of military operations.

  4. Building Momentum: Marines Learn Innovative Problem Solving. Innovation Boot Camp, operating within The Garden by Building Momentum, allows access to all the equipment and technology to support the course. Inside the walls of the workshop, are wood, metal, and electronic workshops, which are accessible to students, artists and engineers.

  5. Okinawa Marines and Sailors Visit Iwo Jima. 74 years ago the U.S. Marine Corps underestimated their enemy, what they had anticipated to be a short battle against the outnumbered Japanese troops ended up as a 36-day siege resulting in nearly 7,000 Marines losing their lives.

  6. Rescue Operations during Hurricane Harvey. Marine Forces Reserve is posturing ground, air and logistical assets in order to support FEMA, state and local response efforts due to Hurricane Harvey. The Marine Corps Reserve is America’s expeditionary total force in readiness whether on the battlefield or during national emergencies.

  7. Marines Conduct Aquatic Offensive and Defensive Techniques. Amphibious by nature, Marines train as they fight, conducting intense physical training exercises to ensure combat readiness in any environment.

  8. 4th Marine Division Super Squad Alaska 2019. Super Squad is a multi-day competition held at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson that has 23rd and 25th Marine Regiment participating in events that highlight patrolling techniques, combat marksmanship, physical endurance and small unit leadership.

  9. Reserve Scout Sniper Platoon Conduct Live-Fire Training At ITX. ITX measures the unit’s ability to provide a cohesive, trained, and ready capability in support of service and Combatant Commander Requirements.

  10. Battery Fires M777 Howitzer during ITX. ITX is a live-fire and maneuver combined arms exercise designed to train battalion and squadron-sized units in tactics, techniques, and procedures required to provide a sustainable and ready operational reserve for employment across the full spectrum of crisis and global engagement.

Reserve and National Guard forces from all services are an essential and critical part of US National Defense strategy – the USMC Reserve is a leader in the defense of the United States.


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