Are you a Runner? Join us at the DAV 5K!

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Are you a runner? I classify myself a reluctant runner. Running is advantageous because you can do it anywhere and in my case, while pushing two little ones, the disadvantage is that you are running!


My first race was a 5k with the San Antonio Spurs, I realized then I need to train a bit more after I was passed by the NBA San Antonio Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich (36 years my senior).


If you are looking for a race to train for or participate in, consider the DAV 5k. The DAV 5K is a run, walk, roll and motorcycle ride that thanks those who served and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day. Events take place in November, so you have plenty of time to train!


Are you a runner? What was your first race?