Deployed Dad on Father’s Day: 4 Ways to Celebrate

Updated June 2022
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Father’s Day is swiftly approaching and many families may be at a loss how to celebrate and recognize Dad when he is deployed, away at training or gone for one of the many reasons his job pulls him away. Here are four fun and simple ways to celebrate Dad and show him you care. (Wondering about the military mom’s? Here are some ideas to send them something special!)


1. Make a video. Take a quick video with your smart phone, and use a free compression application like this one, to send Dad a video via email! Dad won’t have access to the internet? Send a USB loaded with photos and videos for him to load onto his personal devices.

2. Send a care package. Check out these free printables from to send to dad. These will be sure to make him smile (especially when filled out by the kids!). Fill the care package with pictures and drawings by the children. I sent my husband a father to be package while he was on deployment filled with baby books, candy cigars (the ones that say congratulations) and a t-shirt that says World’s Best Dad (cheesy but it made him laugh!). 

3. Make a photo themed gift. You can make a 20 page 5x6 soft cover photo book on Walgreen’s website for $6.99. You could simply fill this with pictures of the kids and their father, or make it silly and make each page something they miss about their Dad. Don’t have time to order something online? Most Dollar Stores carry small photo albums you can slip pictures you already have into, or have the kids draw photos to add to the book. How fun are these custom photo pillow cases? Dad can go to bed every night and feel closer to the kids!

4. Phone call/Skype or email. Don’t forget how even the simplest gestures can brighten Dad’s day. My husband thought receiving an email with a photo of our daughter and me, or one of our daughter and him was the perfect gift. 


No matter where your Dad or your children’s father is this Father’s Day make sure you thank him and tell him you love him! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


Have any a great idea to make dad feel special? Please share them with us below!




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