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What are some items genuinely appreciated (both practical and not) to send in care packages overseas? I have a great friend serving in Afghanistan right now

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Mostly pogey bait. Like beef jerky or seeds.

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Candy, pictures are well appreciated, a bible too :)

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Wendy Poling USAA's avatar User  Wendy Poling USAA Administrator

Here are some additional ideas: trail mix, hard candy, beef jerky (as mentioned before), pop tarts, chex mix, gum, peanut butter crackers, packaged cookies (or homemade), flavored water packs, nerf football, playing cards, fav magazines, fav video game, high thread count sheets/pillow case, shower gel, lotion, wool socks and photos from home. Here is a link to an article for more ideas: https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Deployment-Blog/Valentine-s-Day-Love-in-a-Box/ba-p/2208 I'm sure whatever you send your friend will love! Have fun putting it together. 

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