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4 Things on My Mind as We Prepare for a Deployment

Sep 21, 2016

Is your family preparing for an upcoming deployment? My spouse just got news he will deploy next year, so I feel the pressure to cram in all of the family activities, life events and holidays together as we can. Read on for the four ways I start to plan my life around an upcoming long absence.

How Can Military Spouses Overcome Career Boundaries?

Sep 9, 2016

Don’t let the boundaries and challenges of military life stop you from obtaining the career you desire.

Gaining Strength Out of the Struggle

Sep 2, 2016

While going through a challenge it can be difficult to find the bright side of things, but it isn’t impossible. The concept of this is not supposed to be easy, but with the right steps, it will help you to see things more clearly and start to build the strength needed to resolve the problem.

When Homecoming Isn’t Welcoming

Aug 26, 2016

Reintegration is not a race. We all need the benefit of time, patience and communication to help reconnect as a family unit.

The Benefits of a Couples Getaway

Aug 19, 2016

Every couple needs to make the time in their schedules for solid communication with no interruptions. Claim the time that is rightfully yours as a couple and reap the benefits.

Accomplish Your Goals

Aug 12, 2016

Military life throws many curve balls our way – sometimes leaving us distracted from accomplishing goals. These three strategies are helpful when creating and accomplishing goals.

Making Friends Outside Your Comfort Zone

Aug 5, 2016

Meeting new people and making friends can be intimidating. Here are some ways to step out of your comfort zone to build relationships after a move.

5 Truths About Working From Home

Jul 26, 2016

As someone who has worked from home for the past six years, I have gained a little insight on the gift of working from home. I like to call them, work from home truths. Here are my five work from home truths.

No Matter How Long You’ve Been Together, Don’t Stop Datin...

Jul 20, 2016

It is so easy to slip into a routine, especially after being in a committed relationship for so many years. Date nights improve marriages. Frequent date nights can improve happiness, commitment, communication and parenting. Check out these three reasons to have a date night with your spouse.

Stress Free Summer Fun for the Whole Family

Jul 8, 2016

Don’t let summer break stress you out. These few ideas are methods to keep your kids active, entertained and engaged. Productive ways to spend your extra time together, stress free.

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