Vacationing During a Long Separation?!

Jun 16, 2015

Wondering if you should take that vacation without your spouse? These three considerations can help you make the decision.

Finding the Positive Side of Deployment

Jun 9, 2015

Hearing the word “deployment” can send even the most experienced military spouse running in the other direction. Featured Contributor, Angela Caban shares how she finds the positive side to deployment.

Supporting Our Military Children

May 6, 2015

One of the ways we can ensure our military children feel supported, especially our Guard and Reserve children, is by taking advantage of those programs and resources available specifically for the support of military children. Here are 3 organizations that support military children in unique ways.

Mother’s Day Care Package Ideas for Deployed Moms

Apr 17, 2015

Mother’s day will be upon us before you know it. In order to send a thoughtful care package to the mother you know in time for Mother’s day, you need to send it now! Here are a few suggestions to make the special woman in your life (friend, spouse, sister, etc.) know she is loved.

4 Tips to Tackle College During a Deployment

Mar 11, 2015

Featured contributor Angela Caban, founder of Homefront United Network, shares four tips that helped her survive going back to college during her husband's last 15 month deployment.

The Civilian to Military Life Cycle

Jan 9, 2015

Featured contributor Angela Caban, founder of Homefront United Network, shares her story of being part of a National Guard family.

4 Ways to Manage Loneliness this Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2014

Featured contributor Judy Davis, author of Right Side Up: Finding Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down, shares four things to keep in mind if you are experiencing a deployment this holiday season.

2 Quick Steps to Make Your Holidays Rock

Dec 22, 2014

We all want the perfect holiday season don’t we? We plan, prepare and work to set the stage for a season of laughter, togetherness and magic. Here is a quick two step plan to help you let go of expectations and make the most of your holiday season.

What does “Holiday Dress” actually mean?

Dec 19, 2014

Not sure what to wear to the holiday party? Check out these just in time tips on choosing everything from dress color to accessories from Featured Contributor Jennifer Pilcher, CEO of

3 Strategies to Get You Thru the Holiday Season

Dec 19, 2014

Jingles on the radio, bell ringers at mall entrances and beautiful lights around every corner; the stage is set for a perfect holiday season. So why are so many of us finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit?