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If you have ever experienced a deployment then you know exactly what is likely to happen when the boat leaves the pier, the plane takes off or the bus leaves the gates; something will break or someone (meaning your kids and/or pets) will get into trouble.


Recently, I had the opportunity to visit USAA Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The sponsored visit was part of the annual bloggers conference USAA hosts and was a blast (more on this later).


The first morning I was away from home started like this via text message:


DH (Dear Husband): Our son missed the bus. I'm already at work and can't leave. This *$@! only happens when you are gone

WP: Just be glad I'm not gone for 3 months with no cell phone service or email

DH: That's a *$@! answer

WP: Welcome to my world


Now keep in mind he normally never uses foul language when talking to me, and I'm not so quick to react. I know he must have been extremely frustrated and I couldn't resist the urge to give him an insight into my world when he is gone. Some of you might think, "I can't believe she is writing about this!" Trust me when I say I would have preferred, "Good Morning honey, good luck today. I know you'll do great. Love, your Sexy DH."


Here's my point, I think it's important our spouses have a small taste of what it's like to have us gone while they have all responsibilities of the homefront. When was the last time you traveled without your spouse? If it has been awhile or maybe the answer is "never", then I challenge you plan a weekend for a girl's getaway or visit to see family and leave the kids with your spouse. You could even plan a day trip!


Things you should know:

No, the dishes might not get done the exact way you do them. The laundry will probably not get folded your way. They might even eat chicken nuggets four nights in a row, but your spouse will figure it out. Over time I've learned to loosen my level of expectations and to just go with "his" flow. Having our spouse on the homefront is a great way for them to experience all we do and for us to experience what it's like to be away from home alone, which includes the hassles of carrying our own luggage! Whenever I'm gone I always come back more appreciative of my husband, it is hard to be away from my family and I much prefer to be together. What I know for sure, absence does make the heart grow fonder no matter if you are the one at home or the one "on the road".


By the way, he did eventually work it out and was able to take our son to school. Never mind on the way back my poor car met a giant puddle it didn't like and basically was submerged to the engine. I think my husband mixed up my car with his submarine. Story to be continued...


Have you traveled on your own and left your spouse to handle the homefront? How was the experience? Share a funny story and/or how it went in the comments section or here.