It is true that if you are pushing a baby stroller and holding onto a toddler, the last thing you might want to be wearing is 5-inch heels at homecoming. However, deciding just what to wear to homecoming could be causing you more stress than you ever thought possible.


Here are four simple tips to help with your homecoming day preparation for putting together your outfit, hair and makeup:


Keep it simple and classy, not trashy


No matter what your loved one says, you’ll want to be somewhat comfortable during those waiting hours. You don’t want to be over dressed or underdressed. Keep in mind your loved ones boss, boss’s boss and most likely boss’s, boss’s boss will be at homecoming and you’ll want to make a good impression. Think classy and sexy, but definitely not like you are ready for the club, or the soccer field. Keep the length of your skirt respectable. If you have trouble sitting or walking for fear of your skirt hiking up too high, then trust me it is too short and opt for a longer option. If you are shopping for a new outfit, keep the costs down by signing up for email discounts and coupons from your favorite clothing retailers, check the sale racks and remember to look for extra discounts by shopping one-day sales.


Try a mini-makeover


There are many options for getting your hair styled. Instead of a haircut and style that can cost big bucks, consider having just a style. The hair stylist can wash, blow dry and style your hair for a fraction of the cost. It is one less thing for you to worry about and having that hour in the styling chair can be a great way to relax and reward yourself for getting through a stressful, long deployment. If you have a girlfriend who is exceptionally talented in applying make-up consider asking her for some make up application tips or having her do your make-up. I had a friend at our last duty station that loved to do make-up. Don’t be afraid to ask. A mini-makeover can be budget friendly with a little creativity.


Skip the ‘mom’ shoes


One trick I learned from a military spouse friend who was wearing extremely high heels on the pier, she had a pair of slim flats tucked away in her purse. Having a pair of flats will allow you to switch as needed. Plus, if you have a long walk back to your car you can always abandon the 5 inch heals for your more comfy option.


Let the kids wear the camo


My military spouse friends who manage to color coordinate their children’s homecoming outfits always amaze me. They are so creative and the kids look so stinkin’ cute in their very patriotic inspired outfits. This is also the perfect time to dress your little boy or girl in a mini version of their spouses uniform. I would suggest you do not wear anything camouflage, save that ‘look’ for your kids.


What are your tips for what to wear to a military homecoming?


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