Wendy Poling
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Inside the Military Spouse World

The inside circle of the military spouse world can feel pretty exclusive and isolating. Depending on your view from the homefront, deployment can seem like you're on a desert island in unfamiliar surroundings where you feel alone. If you are well connected with other spouses in your command, life during a deployment can feel like you have discovered a second family, where you feel supported and yes, loved.


Communication and building friendships is very different in the military world.


How do you like to communicate?


In today's online world where many of us keep in touch with friends on Facebook, I actually prefer face-to-face conversations. I like sitting around a table sharing stories and laughing so hard it becomes difficult to breathe. I like traveling with friends and experiencing new things. So, the idea of starting a blog to connect with other military spouses was a huge leap of faith. That was 2007 and my intent was to see if anyone out there felt as disconnected as I did after a PCS move and I wanted to connect with others in my same situation.


My new blog chronicling my struggles and successes of this crazy, amazing military life opened up a whole new military spouse world to me and grew into an online radio show, website and place for military spouses to "laugh, learn and relate." That labor of love has given me the opportunity to now be part of this new, exciting spouse community on USAA.com.


With that said, let me be one of the first to welcome you to USAA's Military Spouse Community and specifically to the deployment section.


Wondering what makes this community different?


Here's what you need to know:

This is a place where you can ask questions and get solid advice from experienced spouses and trusted USAA professionals in many areas; a place where you know you're not alone; a positive place where we share successes and learn from one another.


What you can expect? For starters in future posts I'll be writing more about my family and our journey, plus sharing some stories of our adventures along the way. We'll have some topics to get the conversation started and I hope you will jump right in and share your thoughts and opinions.


A little more information on me (that isn't in my bio), I love a good book, writing, the ocean and all things Disney World. I work full time and have realized I can have it all, just not at the same time. I have the most supportive family anyone could ask for and when I'm not on the soccer or lacrosse field, I love being at home with family and friends.


USAA is at the leading edge for always providing us members a place where we know we can get solid advice; receive five-star customer service and most of all a place where we feel at home.


So, as we begin to build this new community for spouses I'd like to welcome you, invite to into the conversation and become a "plank owner". I'm looking forward to sharing the journey!


I must give a huge thank you to USAA for providing us this space and lending us its experts to not just survive our next deployment, but to use the time for personal growth… an opportunity to change our focus, educate ourselves on how we can thrive and come out on the other end, stronger and more resilient than we ever dreamed!