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Is your Valentine's Day date far from home this year?


If your answer is yes and you haven't already shipped your Valentine's Day care package, it is not too late. When I send a package to my husband it can take a short 7 days, but on average it takes 10 days. With Valentine's Day just over 14 days away, it's not entirely too late to send a package. If the mail happens to take a bit longer, it's okay! Ive yet to hear of anyone complaining they received a care package! Make your plans now for quick trip to the Commissary, Exchange or local store and you can have something put together quickly all without breaking the bank.


Here are 6 creative ideas to include in a Valentine's Day themed care package:


Custom Valentine's Day card – Using your computer, design a special Valentine's Day card with Valentine's fonts. Next, take the time to write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card. Stuck on what to say, or feel like you are not any good at that sort of thing? Not to worry, you can include a love themed quote.

Playing Card Valentine's – Using the 13 hearts in a deck of cards, secure a square piece of construction paper to the middle of each card. On each paper write a love note, quote or short poem. To secure all the cards together, punch a hole in the right corner, place a piece of red yarn through the hole and tie each end together in a bow or knot (you might also use a metal clip). When using the Queen of Hearts card, try something extra special like placing a photo of you two together.


Valentine's Day Chex Mix – Make a batch of this yummy snack mix that features red, pink and white M&M's, Rice Chex Cereal ®, and red or pink sprinkles.


Favorite Snack(s) with a twist – Get creative with favorite snack by including a note card with a clever saying – Example: "We Go Together Like Cookies and Milk" and include a snack package of Oreo Cookies.


CD with unique Playlist – Downloading music while underway or deployed can prove to be impossible. Consider making a CD of their favorite songs, a few your favorites and include love songs that trigger memories of special experiences the two of you have shared.


Deck of Hearts – Using red, pink and white construction paper or card stock, cut out hearts and write a message on each heart. You can write down reasons why you love them, and even put them all in a small heart shaped box.

Pinterest is overflowing with Valentine's Day ideas.


These are just a few ideas to get you started. I hope you are inspired to put together your own Valentine's Day themed care package.


Be sure to let me know what you included in your box by leaving a comment!


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