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As part of our month focus of decluttering with Krista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach™, I asked Krista what are her favorite tips and tricks to keep her home organized and clutter free!


Her ideas are not too expensive and really help you feel organized and in control of your space:

1. Multi Pant Hangers: I use my pant hangers to downsize the pants in my closet as well as for my scarves and you can use it for a variety of things such as a wrapping station or craft area. I love taking something simple like this and using it for a variety of things.

2. Clear Zipper Bags: These are great for in your purse! I have one for my business checkbook and checks to deposit, I have one with stamps and return address stickers and in an extra envelope, I have one with business cards in it so I can follow up with networking. I love that you can see inside and transport your things easily from one purse/work bag to another!

3. Chalkboard Labels/Bins: I have chalkboard paint, labels, and even chalkboard contact paper so I can make whatever size I need. I put them on plastic containers for cereal and baking goods, the kids' art supplies and even a dispenser for detergent and fabric softener, get creative! Another idea is a wicker basket with the label attached. You can find these at office supply stores or on Amazon.com.

4. Clear Storage Containers/Bins: Whether you buy labels, use chalkboard labels, or use your label maker I love clear bins for storage because then you can see what is being stored and even when you purchase larger bins for holiday storage, clear is the way to go. It's so much easier to see what you are storing and be able to grab and go.

5. Transportable Tools: You can use a tool belt that wraps around a large bucket; I actually won mine on the Martha Stewart Show with military spouses. I love this because if you use a pegboard and the tools don't stay together they end up disappearing more easily. I also have a similar bucket for wrapping paper and cleaning supplies or gardening for the same reasons. You can organize your items by placing them in the "tool belt", and then place the larger items inside the bucket. These are available at your local home improvement store or big box store.

6. Portable Plastic Lock Boxes: I love these because I feel like my kids are safe but I also use them when we go away, because you never know if with four kids if someone needs a bandage or some Motrin and this way I always feel prepared. I got one of these for cleaning supplies and one for medicine.

7. Pop Up Laundry Basket: I like these because I have lots of small kids and lots of laundry. They don't take up as much room and are affordable so I can have one in the kids room, one in the kitchen by the back door for muddy clothing, and one for clothes that need to go to good will. You will always feel clutter free if you have lots of laundry baskets for sorting and delivering things back to their homes.

8. Back of Door Organizers: I like having the brooms right in the kitchen in an organizer that holds up your broom, mop, etc, to keep everything together. I am sure you could also use it in your garage or laundry room and it keeps everything together.

9. Practical Plastic Storage Containers Only: I used to have tons of storage containers in mixed match shapes, but what I really use these most for is the kids' lunches. I love the smaller, stackable sized containers. Yes they are small, yet I can fit a lot in their lunches. As you downsize the pantry, only keep what you really need, and toss the rest.

10. Binders Galore: I love binders for new clients, assessments, my marketing materials, etc. I have one that I bring to networking events and insert new business cards into it (I insert the business card holders), one for recipes, the kids school information (with summer camp info in the clear pocket inserts). It's such an efficient way to store a lot of information that you may need at your fingertips and they come in so many fun colors. I get mine at a local big box store.


Thanks Krista for hanging out with us this month and sharing your insight and strategies to help us live a more organized, fulfilling life!


To learn more about Krista Wells, PhD., The Military Spouse™, visit her on Facebook.


What is your favorite tip for decluttering and organizing? Share your great idea with us today!


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