The opening ceremony for this year’s Major League Baseball’s All Star game included an incredible fly over by the Air Force’s demonstration squadron, otherwise known as The Thunderbirds. As my family watched, I remembered the first time I saw a Thunderbird F-16. I worked for the U.S. Air Force and while TDY at Nellis, AFB (home to The Thunderbirds); I caught a “practice show”. I doubt the pilots above knew they were making my day down below. I remember the excitement of being able to catch a glimpse of their amazing skills and maneuvers.

The Thunderbirds are currently performing in air shows around the country. The demonstration squadron features solo pilots that fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The entire team consists of 12 officers and more than 120 enlisted Airman.

While the show schedule has been in full swing this summer, there are still three months left in the show calendar. If you have never seen The Thunderbirds and they are coming near you, it is worth planning a day to attend.

This year’s Air Force Thunderbirds 2014 remaining show dates include:

Aug. 2-3: Oshkosh, Wis.
Aug. 9-10: Ypsilanti, Mich.
Aug. 13: Atlantic City, N.J.
Aug. 16-17: Rochester, N.Y.
Aug. 23-24: Waterloo Iowa
Aug. 30-31: Kalispell, Mont.
Sep. 13-14: Altus AFB, Okla.
Sep. 20-21: Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
Sep. 27-28: Salinas, Calif.
Oct. 4-5: Melbourne, Fla.
Oct. 11-12: Daytona Beach, Fla.
Oct. 18-19: Rome, Ga.
Oct. 25-26: Ft. Worth, Texas
Nov. 1-2: Santa Teresa, N.M.
Nov. 8-9: Nellis AFB, Nev.


To make the most of your air show experience, be sure to check out these air show tips from my previous post on the Navy’s Blue Angels.

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