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This is my favorite time of year. It starts with the first signs of fall and continues until about the second week of January when I finally take my Christmas tree down. I love spending time outdoors during fall and then I love preparing and decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once the rush and excitement of the Holidays are over it's New Years Eve and we have a whole new year in front of us, filled with possibility.


Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, yikes! Are you traveling for the holiday this year? This can be a difficult decision for many military families. Which in-laws do you visit or do you visit both depending on how close they live to one another? Do you invite family to come and visit? What happens if your spouse is deployed during Thanksgiving, do you stay put or travel to be near family? The whole process can be very overwhelming! Throw into the decision process: dealing with extended family members, traveling with kids and pets, the cost and then there is always the process of actually getting leave approved.


How do you stay calm when the stress of the holidays is coming full speed ahead?!


For me, being thankful for the little pleasures in life helps me live in a state of gratitude, joy and love. Being appreciative of the small things in life helps me stay positive and happier.


As I think about this upcoming month of November and living in gratitude here are some little things I'm thankful for:


  • Spending fall afternoons watching my son play soccer.
  • The beauty of the fall season as the leaves around us are changing color.
  • My favorite coffee with a splash of cinnamon sugar cookie creamer - yumm.
  • October baseball with my team in World Series.
  • A husband home from sea (for now).
  • Pinterest.com (my newest online fun place).
  • Meeting fellow bloggers for the first time in person. I recently had the chance to meet Terri Barnes, Spouse Calls columnist for the Stars and Stripes, an "online" friend since 2007.
  • Hot apple cider.
  • My little Chihuahua when he curls up next to me.
  • And there are many more....


What little things are you thankful for? Share your thoughts here or in the comments section.

Look for more on the theme of being thankful during this month of November!