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Making the most of our time during a deployment can leave us feeling underwhelmed. Many of us might feel like, "I just want to get through it". Our guest blogger earlier in the week, Kristen, talked about using the extra time we might have to ourselves during a deployment to improve an area of our lives. We can use that time to fret over our situation or like Kristen challenged us, use the time as an opportunity for personal growth.


What are some new routines you'd like to establish? What needs a little shaking up?


Here are some ideas to explore while your loved one is far from home:

  • Take a cooking or nutrition class. Invite a new or old friend and spend the day learning a new dish, dessert or how to create a healthy meal plan for the week.
  • Find a workout partner. Put a call out to your friends on Facebook or Google+ and invite them to work out with you. Creating a workout routine can be difficult, as most of us know, so having an accountability partner will help ensure you meet your fitness goal. I need a workout partner! This is advice for me too!
  • Sign up for a life skills class or resume workshop at your base family support center. (Fleet and Family Support Center, Army Community Service Center, Airman and Family Readiness Center, Marine Corps Community Service Center) Although the names might be slightly different, they all offer the same services by trained professionals. You can get help revamping your resume, sign up for their email distro list on job alerts and find out if there are any upcoming local job fairs. You can take classes on communication skills, finances, new spouse orientation and more. All services are free.


Juggling kids and work schedules is difficult. Wondering how you are going to fit one more thing in? Or maybe you don't normally use a babysitter? As a mom you need time to recharge and relax. Consider hiring a babysitter that is trustworthy and dependable. Ask for recommendations from your friends. Also check with your local child development center for hourly/drop in rates.


Stepping out of our comfort zone to create new routines is hard, but together we are stronger and we can encourage each other to go for it! So, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone this week. Make a list of things you'd like to try, change or do and leave me a comment/share your story so we can encourage each other!


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