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We have been talking about de-cluttering our closets, cupboards, and drawers in an effort to streamline our processes of daily living. One of the key steps includes getting rid of things that sap energy; giving room to having more energy to do the things we love. A great example of this would be "de-cluttering" our pantries of junk food! I'm wondering if you have ever thought about getting serious about healthy living and reengaging on your workout routine while your spouse is on deployment?


Losing weight, whether it's that last 10 lbs. or more is probably something many of us want to do during a deployment. I imagine many of us are successful during week one and two and then as the demands of life on the homefront sneak in (raising hand - "that's me"), the "fitness/wellness priority" falls to the way side.


Recently, I learned two of my fellow military spouse friends were de-cluttering their eating habits and schedules to make better food choices and creating time to workout.


What I found most surprising about their news, BOTH of them were keeping their healthier lifestyle a secret from their spouse!


They were on a secret mission to slim down and shape up.


This idea was intriguing to me. I wondered: How were they keeping it a secret? Did they feel bad they were keeping a secret?...and how successful had they been?


One of my friends said, when emailing or talking to her husband she made an extra effort to steer the conversation away from workouts and made sure to only post photos of herself from the shoulders up on Facebook for example. She did mention friends were beginning to notice and ask, "Are you losing weight?" She was getting good at quickly dismissing these comments!!


They both were giggly and when sharing their stories. Here are just five tips they shared with me as part of their success:


  1. They joined a gym.
  2. They worked out consistently. By this I mean they worked out 5 days a week at a minimum.
  3. They had strength in numbers! One had a workout buddy, the other a personal trainer.
  4. They cut out the junk food in their diet and totally changed their eating habits. This happened slowly at first and gained momentum the more they exercised and the more results they achieved.
  5. Freedom. By not telling their spouse, they had "nothing to lose". The freedom of their spouses not knowing kept the excitement building. The secrecy created extra motivation!

Have you been successful at losing weight / getting healthy during a deployment? What are some of your tips for success?


Disclaimer: Before starting or modifying any workout routine, check with your doctor.


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