shutterstock_112605860.jpgIf you are in the middle of a deployment, this can be the perfect time to plan something a little more elaborate and creative when celebrating an upcoming birthday for a child, spouse or even close friend. Having something to look forward can be a great distraction during a long deployment or mobilization!


Here are 7 ways to roll out the red carpet for the special people in your life!


7 Star Themed Party Ideas:


1. Movie Selection


Step one is deciding on just what movie, season premier or season finale of a favorite TV show that you will “screen”. Take a poll of favorites from the guest(s) of honor and use that as your basis for creative ideas as you move through the planning process.


2. Theater Style or Movie Ticket Invitations


Check out your local party store in person or online for these creative invitations. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for movie party invitations that you can print right from your computer.


3. Hollywood Star Walk of Fame


Roll out red fabric to create a “Red Carpet” arrival walkway. Place big gold stars either on the fabric or on the sides. Imprint or draw the names of the guests on the ‘stars’ that will be arriving.


4. Paparazzi Moment


Have a friend or other parent (if this is a kid’s party) ready to snap photos with a digital camera that can be shared with the group later via email or played on a nearby TV later in the evening. For added fun, provide photo props to include: feather boas, big sunglasses, dramatic hats, etc.


5. Back Stage Entrance


Set the mood early by making a custom sign for your front door to welcome your guests. Have the sign feature the name of the movie or episode you are screening and “SOLD OUT” or “Backstage Entrance”.


6. Concession Stand or Buffet Table featuring Themed Food


For a movie premier, set up a table of favorite candy, homemade treats, popcorn in individual containers and creatively wrapped bottles of water. Let the film or episode inspire the menu. For example: If you are doing a screening of the latest episode of Downton Abbey, you might feature scones, apple bread pudding and other ideas from Ms. Patmore’s kitchen (check out this Pinterest board for ideas).


7. Party Favor Keepsakes


Provide each guest with an Autograph Book and encourage everyone to sign each other’s book. If you are doing a kid’s sleep over, have supplies for guests to make a custom pillow cover they can each autograph and take home as a keepsake.


8. Movie Reactions and the After Party!


Create a special drink to toast the evening; this can be just flavored sparkling water for the kids or a themed cocktail for the adults (remember to have a designated driver). Use your cell phone video camera and record mini 20-30 second videos of guest reactions to the night. Compile all the videos into one and share in a Thank You email.


A themed special occasion party for your loved one, close friend, or child can be a ton of fun. You can even use this themed party for a half-way night or end of deployment celebration! For a successful party, remember to plan early, enlist help, prep what you can in advance and then be a guest at your own party!


Have you planned a themed party for either kids or adults? What is your advice to keeping the process fun and enjoyable?


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