Remembering Everyone Deployed this Holiday Season - RED


More and more friends are starting to post on social their “Out of Office” messages, declaring they are officially preparing for Thanksgiving. For our deployed troops, their “Out of Office” message might read more like “Out of Range”, telling loved ones to expect little to no communication. While many of us are taking time off, they are on duty 24/7.  


According to there are approximately 74 ships underway, including three aircraft carriers and their carrier groups. These Sailors along with servicemembers and their families stationed in places like Germany, Japan and Italy will be part of thousands and thousands of military families away from loved ones this holiday season. When my husband was deployed, there were many holidays where we were unable to be together. This was incredibly hard. I can only imagine how home sick he must have been, not only for our family but to be home – having his feet on American soil and not deep under the ocean or in Afghanistan. 


As many of us are preparing for Thanksgiving, no matter how different it may be because of the pandemic, remembering everyone deployed (RED) is something we can all do to show how thankful we are for their commitment and sacrifice. Help bring awareness and show support to everyone at sea or deployed down range by wearing RED this Black Friday.  


I’m thankful for everyone deployed this Thanksgiving. Grateful for their courage, commitment and sacrifice, protecting our freedoms and way of life. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments! #remembereveryonedeployed 



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