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Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and many of us will be traveling to be with family. Many of us will celebrate with our military family. No matter if you are catching that plane or filling your tank up this week, its important to remember there are many military families who will spend the holiday with an empty place at the table.

Having your loved one deployed during a holiday is especially difficult. We miss them. We want them home. We want to hear not only their laughs and stories, but also see their smiles and just know they are "there".


If your spouse is deployed this Thanksgiving how are you spending the holiday?


I asked several military spouses this question and here is their advice on celebrating the holiday with your spouse deployed:

  • Surround yourself with family or your support system (aka other spouses/families) - Laura
  • Stay busy! If your family is close by try to spend time with them too!...it made me feel closer to him since he was gone - Erica
  • Surround yourself with friends and family. Also, plan out activities to keep busy, shopping date with friends, holiday traditions with family, offer to help cook, volunteer locally. Also, if you don't have kids (or even if you do) plan a short trip for a change of pace - Military wife

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and celebrate all that we are thankful for both the big things and the small things. When we break it down to the little things, the big troubles seem to get smaller and smaller.

We have been highlighting living in Gratitude and how it can actually make us happier this month. I'm encouraging you to stay positive, stay thankful and choose to enjoy the simple pleasures this time of year brings.


This Thanksgiving I won't be with our traditional family, but I will be with them in spirit. I do plan on making the day special.


In planning for the big day, it can get overwhelming.


Here are some links to help in your Thanksgiving Day prep whether you are traveling to be with family or hosting at your home:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I'm thankful for every military spouse in the world who loves, supports and encourages their spouse. What you do matters and in my opinion is part of the foundation for the world's greatest military.



What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts here.