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You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis


As 2012 winds down to a close, many Americans will begin to think about their New Year Resolutions. These goals might include things like: take a tropical vacation, read a book a week, and get fit. Military spouses might prefer to ditch the term New Year Resolution and opt instead for setting Deployment Goals. I actually have more friends with their husbands gone right now than home. Maybe that is you. Maybe you find yourself not interested in New Year Resolutions at all, but the idea of setting a few Deployment Goals peaks your interest.


Here are some tips to setting some Deployment Goals:


  1. Start SMART – Set SMART Goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
  2. Semper Gumby – Plan ahead for detours and setbacks. This can include something fairly simple like adjusting your workout plan from outdoor to indoor when you notice the pouring rain outside.
  3. Enlist Help - I just had the opportunity to meet up with PCS Community Manager, Briana Hartzell last week. She shared how her workout routine involves meeting a group of friends at the gym on a regular basis. Having a standing "date" with others who share your same goal can motivate you to stay the course. You can also encourage one another and share successes.
  4. Priority One Access - When you make yourself a priority, you take the first step to living a more stress free, healthy lifestyle. This is a top goal for me in 2013. I've joined a nearby gym and Im clearing the decks to but myself at the top of the list. I invite you to join me.
  5. Track It - By taking the extra step of recording your progress you create a visual record of your journey. Write down steps you are taking to reach your goal, for example: exercise time, activity and effort. You can also include how you felt and your observations of the day. There are several Apps that offer easy options to record your activity that you might consider: Evernote, GoalsOnTrack, Get It Done, and RunKeeper

If this New Year is bringing with it a new deployment, remember one of the ways to make the most of this time apart is to have goals. You'll want plenty of things to keep you busy, you'll also want things to look forward to, things to make you smile, things that will challenge you and things that will make you proud once accomplished.


Our loved ones have a mission to fulfill when they are deployed. Make your deployment goals your mission. By having your own goals and accomplishing them, you'll both have an even sweeter Homecoming.


What new goals are you working on for 2013? Share your story by leaving a comment.


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