Wendy Poling
Frequent Contributor

Have you ever struggled with keeping your kids engaged with fun activities during a deployment? This can be extra difficult when the weather starts to turn cooler and outdoor activities become less of an option. What's a milspouse to do!? This week we're highlighting having a red carpet Movie Premiere tailored to the kids in your command.

In the middle of one of our deployments our Family Readiness Group organized a Movie Premiere event for all the command families. When the promotional flyer landed in my inbox, it was complete with movie marquee and movie poster images. I was intrigued by the idea and even though we were fairly new to the command, I made plans to attend.


Today I don't remember the name of the movie, but what I do remember is the incredible amount of fun we had when just days before we were experiencing the deployment blues.


Military Spouses are some of the most creative people I know. It seems to me "extremely creative" is a personality trait that is cultivated living a lifestyle that requires much change and innovation to keep our family chugging along while our spouses are away. We try to make the best of the situation and that means getting creative especially when it comes to entertaining our kids!


Here are just a few ideas to organize your own Movie Premiere:


  • Create a unique flyer that uses photos of a movie marquee and movie poster. You can usually find the official movie poster image on the movie's website. Get creative!
  • Have dinner before hitting the red carpet. (example: Pizza Party)
  • Encourage the kids to dress up and be sure to include sunglasses and accessories to highlight their outfits.
  • Have a parent or two volunteer to fill the role of paparazzi to snap photos of the kids in front of the movie poster or other "photo friendly" location.
  • Have another parent arrive early to pick out your "reserved seating" and use a flashlight to help direct the "VIPs".


Whether you have 5 or 15 kids or more, this can be so much fun! Gather your other milspouse moms and enjoy the process of planning the event! Creating fun outings that will give your kids the opportunity to meet and make friends with kids whose moms and dads are also deployed will help them understand other kids go through the same thing and that they are not alone.


What creative kids events have you been part of at your command?